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Tina Mion, Live at DAFA

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Tina Mion is describing The Juggler at the opening reception for her show, Carpe Diem, at David Anthony Fine Art November 22. Those in attendance interacted with her inspiration and process. We’ll keep you informed of future presentations, this show is up through March 1, with works remaining indefinitely.

Tina has provided original watercolor studies of The Spectacular Death Spoon series for purchase. She has never before offered the sale of her studies.

SpoonsWinehouseStudy Newsletter
Amy Winehouse, “One of history’s most unique exits”
Study in watercolor for the Spectacular Death Spoon series.



Handcrafted furniture by David Mapes continues to be a mainstay of the gallery. Pictured is a custom media cabinet with hand-embossed hollyhocks in copper. Made in Taos.


A Schedule of Music and Contemporary Art at DAFA

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Schedule of Events at David Anthony Fine Art

Out of This Earth
Ceramic Sculptures by Hank Saxe
May 10 – 29, 2014
Artist Reception: 4pm – 6pm, Saturday, May 10

Spring Experiment
New Works by Seamus Mills and J Matt Thomas
May 31 – June 29, 2014
Artist Reception: 4pm – 6pm, Saturday, May 31

Cantos de Taos Quartet
Performance at David Anthony Fine Art Gallery on Friday, June 13 at 6pm
This event is in partnership with Taos Opera Institute (TOI).

Larry Bell
Larry Bell’s first Taos exhibit in over 15 years.
“Orange Juice and Teeth – Memories of 9/11”
July 5 – September 21, 2014
Artist Reception: 4pm – 6pm, Saturday, July 5

Taos Art Glass Invitational
DAFA will be hosting the fifth Invitational sponsored by the Taos Institute for Glass Arts.
October 11, 2014. Collector’s pre-show October 10, times to be announced.

Photos of Miniature Pyrotechnic Tableaus
“Exothermic Reactions” Exhibition Features David Mapes’ Photos of Miniature Pyrotechnic Tableaus

Artist’s love of science and nature combine to create miniature pyrotechnic compositions.

David Anthony Fine Art, Taos, NM, is currently featuring the photography of its owner, David Mapes, in an exhibition titled “Exothermic Reactions” from December 15, 2013 through February 28, 2014. The seven photographs—taken with film and output on archival silver rag watercolor paper with archival ink—capture the very moment, as required by the pyrotechnic subject matter. “Pyrotechnics is an amazing art form that uses chemicals to produce noise, light, smoke and sometimes floating materials. Fireworks can be designed to burn with flames or sparks of many colors, typically red, green, blue, purple, gold and silver and they have been around since 7th Century China, where they were invented, says Mapes. “Pyrotechnics is an extraordinary way to be expressive, it is a rare skill set and there is a certain level of showmanship here that I wanted to photograph,” he added.

Mapes’ many years experience as a licensed pyrotechnician inspired and informed this work greatly, especially considering the technical challenges involved and the timing necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Aside from the chemical compounds used to create the miniature pyrotechnic display, which can vary greatly and can include chemicals such as iron, titanium, and zinc (mixtures of which can burn in different colors), there is wiring and staging involved, plus setting off the reaction that is often over in a fraction of a second. “There are certain incongruences about this work and I like the combination of art and science that these photographs represent,” said Mapes, who is also a well-regarded custom furniture maker.

His experience as a pyrotechnician includes several hundred large firework shows for rock & roll bands such as The Who and Journey, ten years of indoor pyrotechnics for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and the Hollywood Bowl.

An exothermic reaction is a chemical reaction that releases heat and in this case creates fire that illuminates, and also becomes part of, the compositions the artist has assembled. Combining the chemical combustion with other subject matters, from a field full of sunflowers to a cast of his head, the expression in each photograph changes with each tableau.

The photographs in “Exothermic Reactions” are available for sale starting at $600.

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David Anthony Fine Art, (DAFA), located at 132 Kit Carson Road, Taos, New Mexico, was founded by long-time Taos furniture maker David Mapes in 2011. Each year, the gallery hosts the DAFA Photography Invitational showcasing photographers from throughout the world. The mission of DAFA is to exhibit the work of accomplished fine artists and exceptional crafts people in a setting that is welcoming and accessible to all.

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Film adds new dimension to Invitational

Looking for Mr. Stieglitz

by Steve Zeifman

Modern art meets the Harlem renaissance at 291 Fifth Avenue where Georgia O’Keeffe, who is looking for Mr. Stieglitz, encounters the unexpected. Set in 1916 in New York City, O’Keeffe meets Hodge Kirnon, originally from the West Indies and now weary from many years of navigating the “American Dream.” Georgia finds much in common with this stranger as she deals with her own insecurities about being an artist and a woman in a man’s world.

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