Upcoming Exhibits

12 x 12″ x 45 Artists

Fundraiser for UNM-Taos Art

Reception March 24 from 4 to 7pm at DAFA

March 24 – April 14

All works are professionally produced in Taos, all are priced at $250.
Sales will benefit UNM-Taos Art Department and the students.


A National Juried Show

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UNM Taos Student Art Show and Sale

Saturday, November 04, 2017 from 4 to 7pm.  Show ends Nov 25

“Communicating with student artists and listening to a student artist’s perspective strengthens the art community”, says David Mapes, owner of DAFA, “I look forward to long-term collaborations with the UNM Taos Art Department”. More

Irene Laleuf, “Skeleton Still Life”, Oil Pastel on Raw Canvas, 48 x 48″

The University of New Mexico -Taos students are presenting artwork for the upcoming Art Show at David Anthony Fine Art, held on November 4th-25th, 2017. This Art Show is juried by author, curator, and founder of Freehold Taos Residency, Dr. Anna Novakov. Throughout November, a variety of selected artworks, including paintings, prints, ceramics and jewelry, will be exhibited in the gallery. In addition to hosting this student show, David Anthony Fine Art is generously donating a portion of all student artwork sales in support of the UNM-Taos Art Department.“We are very grateful for this opportunity for our student artists to present their artwork in a cutting edge professional gallery space”, says UNM–Taos Art Department Chair, Sarah Stolar. “Through this collaboration, these student artists are receiving an insight of professionalism in the art world. It’s a priceless learning opportunity.”

Gary Cook, a long-time art professor at UNM-Taos, expresses his passion and pride for all of the student artists attending UNM-Taos Art Department. “Our students’ artwork is incredible and each deserves a space in a gallery. We are so thankful to collaborate with David Anthony Fine Art and immerse our students into the art community.”
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Havana Hallelujah


“Havana Hallelujah: From Hardscrabble Reality to a Vision in a Dream”

David Anthony Fine Art (DAFA), located at 132 Kit Carson Road, is pleased to announce its upcoming artist reception featuring the highly covetable street photography of David Smith-Soto, who is renowned for his intimate familiarity with the Cuban city.
The reception is scheduled for Saturday, September 23, from 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.
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Owner David Mapes noted that the inclusion of Smith-Soto in his roster of artists is not only a rare gallery opportunity to view this work, but also to marvel at the timeliness of the exhibition and its importance in today’s political dialogue.David Smith-Soto knew at a very early age that photography would always be a part of his life; looking through his old-school Brownie camera his nearsightedness faded away and brought clarity to his young eyes and to the streets of San Jose, Costa Rica, on which he lived.“I’ve had cameras with me ever since,” he said. “They truly are my eyes.”And what eyes they are. Still focused upon the street scene, his photographs–both in color and black and white–capture exquisitely wrought moments in time against a backdrop of the decaying elegance of Havana. The lives of the ordinary Habaneros, who display dignity and resilience despite decades-long chaos, are heartbreakingly real: sometimes gracious, often prosaic, but always authentic.

Smith-Soto and his wife, Zita, who is Cuban, have traveled multiple times to the island, and are deeply steeped in its culture. Today, in their roles as professors at University of Texas, El Paso, they are actively engaged in an internship program, which introduces students to this often mysterious locale. They are also engaged in the production of UTEP’s e-magazine, Borderzine, which give students an opportunity to voice issues concerning the U.S./Mexico border.

David Smith-Soto has enjoyed a stellar career, including that as a bilingual photographer, writer, editor, journalist, newspaper and public relations executives, and university professor. Smith-Soto also brings a rare affinity for the human condition, which is evident in his latest, important exhibition.

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Deborah Rael-Buckley

Opening Reception August 05, 4 to 7pm




Brand new works by Kate Rivers

Reception Saturday, December 03, 2016 from 4 to 6pm.  Show runs through March 31. Read more

“San Juan Canyon”  Mixed Media on Paper 2016  37 x 49″

“Winter Aspens” Mixed Media on Paper 2016 21 x 24″


Rivers doesn’t burn books; she tears them to shreds!

David Anthony Fine Art presents Salvaged, a showing of great new works by Kate Rivers. Rivers collects materials such as fragments of maps, notes, old books, and other varieties of printed materials with which to create structurally dense yet ethereal collages. The pieces come together in fascinating compilations that evoke stories layered with the lives of others. And they are stunning works of art.

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“Endangered” Mixed Media on Paper 2016 46 x 54″


Grand 3-day Reception Sept 8 -10