The Paseo, a Multimedia Outdoor Art Event in the Taos Historic District, is Poised to Kickstart a New Era of Taos Art

This fall, The Paseo will transform the heart of Taos.  

Dedicated to bringing the art of installation, performance and projection to the streets of the Taos Historic District, The Paseo is a brand-new art festival. It opens on Friday, September 26, coinciding with opening night of the 40th Annual Taos Fall Arts Festival.

The Paseo will unite the 2014 Fall Arts venues, curating a public display of art throughout the streets of the Taos Historic District. Introducing the world’s latest expressions of art and culture, The Paseo will bring a completely new dynamic to the art scene in Taos. “What separates Taos from other art venues is the breadth of art and culture in one small ancient place,” says organizer Matt Thomas. “We want to create new shared experiences.”

Art installations, sculptures and performances will be placed along the .7 mile Paseo, inviting all to explore, wonder and be inspired. Workshops and artist presentations in the days surrounding the event will guide participants through the evolution of new art forms involving projection, robotics, responsive new media, and more.

Under the guidance of an outstanding advisory board including Ann Landi of ARTnews, New Mexico Art Commissioner David Hinske, and CERN cultural specialist Ariane Koek, The Paseo creates a platform for art that is experimental, time-based, ephemeral, participatory, and context-responsive. Dozens of artists have already submitted their work for consideration; the advisory board will select ten or more pieces for inclusion in the first annual The Paseo. Taos audiences will recognize work by internationally-known local artists Agnes Chavez, Christina Sporrong, and Christian Ristow, alongside work from artists around the U.S. and the world.

The Paseo’s Kickstarter crowdfunding initiative launched June 18.  Working to raise $20,000 in 45 days, The Paseo team is seeking community support to help launch this innovative new festival. Funding will pay for equipment, installation expenses, travel costs, and creative fees for the artists invited to participate. Funders can receive incentives including shirts, stickers, tickets to event functions and original art.

Support and donations from the community will play an essential role in bringing The Paseo to life.  Please visit to learn more.

The Paseo Team
J. Matthew Thomas
Agnes Chavez
David Mapes
Janet Webb
Anita McKeown
Molly Robertson
Jennifer Longo

Advisory Board
Mariannah Amster and Frank Ragano, Executive/Artistic Directors of Parallel Studios, which produces CURRENTS: Santa Fe International New Media Festival.
Teresa Buscemi, Program coordinator for 516 Arts.
Josh Comfort is a registered Architect and Arts Advocate based in Denver.
David Hinske, New Mexico Arts Commissioner and painter.
Megan Jacobs, Highlands University, Media Arts
Ariane Koek (UK) is a Clore Fellow and the first cultural specialist appointed by CERN – the world’s largest particle physics laboratory based outside Geneva, in Switzerland.
Ann Landi, contributing editor of ARTnews.
Lucy R. Lippard is a writer, curator, and activist based in New Mexico.
Nancy Zastudil, art curator and writer.

For more information about The Paseo, contact J. Matthew Thomas at (575) 613-0601 or Visit

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