William Davis

William Davis’s photographic work has spanned the technical and creative spectrum, from traditional monochromatic darkroom work to modern experimentation in digital formats. Through it all, his work has remained true to that which he sees through his lens: the essence of place, a person, or an object – most often Taos, his constant creative influence, and home, since 1969. Bill’s work was published in a collaborative effort with his friend and writer, John Nichols (The Milagro Beanfield War) in a photo-memoir “If Mountains Die,” in 1979. The book helped to catapult Davis into celebrity and his work can now be found in collections worldwide.

Room With A View by William Davis
“Room with a View”


“Iris Deco”


Escher's Windows by William Davis
“Escher’s Windows”


William Davis
“Taos and Rio Grand Gorge”


Driving Wheels #1 by William Davis
“Driving Wheels #1”