Carroll Griesedieck

In Carroll’s words regarding her recent obsession with Ravens: “I can’t NOT look at them, photo them or paint them. It’s not even a choice. I find certain man made structures that Ravens land on to have a fantastic sculptural quality, the various tubes, wire, belts, etc. are intricate and beautiful. The combination of those, with the endless possibilities of whatever might be going on in the sky pretty much has it all.” Carroll in fact embraces the wires. More

“Bird Watching 1″  Monotype  30.5 x 33” $2200

“Street Light 3”  Monotype  16.5 x 20.25  $700

“Bird Watching at Home 3″  Monotype  40 x 17.5”  $1900

“Sunset At The Asphalt Plant”  Monotype  28.5 x 22″  $1900

“Street Light 4″ Monotype 28.5 x 22” $600

“Street Light 5″ Monotype 14 x 16.75” $600

“The medium of monotype appeals to me specifically because it is not predictable or easy to control. The inks have a life of their own, both in the application to the plate and in the chemistry and physics that occur on the press. What I see on my plate is never the same as what I see when I pull the print, and I depend on these surprises to keep it interesting.”
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