As we are building the first annual Grand Exhibition of Photography for Aug 02, 2013, much discussion about the medium has occurred.  Asking if photography is art quickly degenerates into a “what is art” discussion, which is age-old and answer-less.  Ask the question “what is fine art” and you have another discussion altogether.  So for now I will avoid those questions and ask “what makes one photograph better than another?”.  Mike Mitchell, one of the photographers participating in the exhibition offers this:  “The singularity of vision by the photographer”.

Clearly there is much discourse on the matter of photography.  One thing I’m impressed by is how aptly “photography” still describes the medium in spite of the technical explosion as of late in regards to cameras, printing processes and new creative avenues available.  Capturing light is what it’s still all about, recording photons.

Hand with Titanium

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