Sini Majuri

Sini Majuri brings bright colors and feminine images to her works done in the graal technique, layering her interests in glass art, ceramics, and fashion design much as her process layers colored crystal glass over clear. About




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Sini Majuri, an artist who is taking the modern Scandinavian art world by storm, calls upon ancient techniques to craft her pieces whose whimsy belie the exacting process that brings them to life.

The Finnish-born artist uses the graal technique, which begins with a small bubble of clear glass, which is then overlain with hot, colored glass. Once the blank has annealed, it is engraved and embellished with silk screen transfer images before it is coated with an additional layer of clear glass and mouth-blown to its desired final size. In many pieces Majuri also employs the process known as incalmo, which fuses together two distinct pieces before they are carefully finished as one.

Majuri majored in ceramics and glass art at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture but has also studied fashion design and theatre science, and from this eclectic background she has established a reputation as a contemporary storyteller that couples bright colors and feminine forms in her glass art. Majuri also is pursuing the development of innovative glass production materials, including one whose use in blown glass will cause patterns to disappear in artificial light but reemerge when exposed to the sun.

Sini Majuri, has been featured in many prestigious Finnish exhibitions, and has also been awarded in the international fashion design contest, Hempel Awards, held in Beijing, China. She had learned of Taos from a university professor several years before she was invited to submit to the the 2014 Taos Art Glass Invitational and, today, is thrilled to be represented exclusively in the United States by DAFA.
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