Sarah Stolar

The narrative of Sarah Stolar’s large-scale oil paintings blurs the lines between figuration, abstraction, and symbolism, and draws the viewer into a world of voluptuous color and texture where fierce beauty resides. Biography

“Two in the Garden” Oil on Canvas 49 x 47″ $6400

The Three Graces4d38a3_a66913c4d4324ccfadd3475be3d79819~mv2
“The Three Graces” Oil on Canvas  54 x 61″  $8500

“War Machine”  Oil on Canvas  58 x 54″  $6500

“The Mourners”  Oil on Canvas  48 x 54  $7200

“Heart Gazer”  Oil on Canvas  36 x 36  $3500

“Ruby”  Oil on Canvas  24 x 24″  $1700

“Two Sides”  Oil on Canvas  29 x 36″  $3100

“Janet”  Oil on Canvas  72 x 72″  $12,000


Sarah Stolar was raised in a legacy of artistic abundance, and earned an MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute. Though perhaps best known for her paintings and drawings, the interdisciplinary artist is likewise acclaimed for her multi-media installations, films, videos, and performance art. She is active in collaborations with other artists and performers of note, and works with many non-profit organizations.“I present figures of women in stances of power and vulnerability, with intermittent representational symbols borrowed from fairy tales, mythology, and religious stories,” Stolar said. Further woven into each story is the manifestation of life’s experiences, which are psychologically and emotionally transformative.

Stolar relies upon imagery that combines pose and gaze with scale and repetition. She layers and scrapes paint, repeatedly reworking the surfaces as if creating a metaphor for the uncovering of the inner self. “Each image is a hidden identity or story that may otherwise not be told, evoking a visceral reaction and an inward reflection.”

Sarah Stolar has been featured in prestigious international exhibitions, including in Austria, Finland, and Uruguay. Recently named Chair of the Art Department at University of New Mexico—Taos, she is also contributing faculty in Drawing and Painting at the Santa Fe University of Art & Design.
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