David Mapes’ experience as a licensed pyrotechnician inspires and informs this work greatly, especially considering the technical challenges involved and the timing necessary to achieve the desired outcome. Aside from the the miniature pyrotechnic display, there is wiring and staging involved, plus coordinating the reaction with film, that is over in a fraction of a second. “There are certain incongruences about this work and I like the combination of nature, science and art that these photographs attempt to represent,” said Mapes.

Hand with Titanium

Hand with Titanium

Areola Borealis

Areola Borealis

BraveModelWEBSITE 800dpi wide

Brave Model

EscapeFromPlanetX 800dpi wide

Escape from Planet X

FlowerPower 800dpi wide

Flower Power

ManPower 800dpi wide


MortalRemind 800dpi wide

Mortal Remind II

MortalRemind1 800dpi wide

Mortal Remind I

PyroCarrot1 800dpi wide

Titanium Carrot

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