Nina Anthony

Nina does not use filters or apps in her work. Rather, she employs a process whereby multiple layers of richly textured images are overlaid onto the original image to impart nostalgic, painterly qualities to her final blended images. By creating a painterly facade, her intent is to show that photography can be more than a mere mechanical recording of a scene but also a legitimate form of artistic expression that convey feelings for the places and scenes encountered. More

“Everything Carries Me to You”  20 x 26″  $675 Framed

“Bridge to Eden” 20 x 25.75″  $675 Framed

“Equilibrium”  20.25 x 23.75″  $675 Framed

“Illumined By Your Love”  20.25 x 26″  $675 Framed

“Moonshine”  20 x 25.75″  $675 Framed

“Penitente Morada”  20.25 x 25.75″  $675 Framed

I believe the most important quality of a photograph, as with all art, is to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. Whether I am capturing a dramatic landscape, a vintage truck, a historic church or a working cowboy, my hope is that viewers get a sense that they are present in that moment and that — if only for an instant — their senses are so aroused that they are transported to another place and comforted by a sense of solace and awe.

Following graduation from Indiana University with a B.A. in Journalism, Nina worked for 12 years as an award-winning copywriter for various advertising agencies. She credits one of her clients, Clarion Resorts, for bringing her to New Mexico for the first time in 1988. Lured by the beauty of northern New Mexico landscapes, Nina pulled up her longtime Midwestern roots and moved to Taos permanently in 1993.
Shortly after moving to the Southwest, she took a darkroom printing class called “The Print” from a well-known Taos photographer named William Davis, who modeled his class on the black and white printing techniques of Ansel Adams. After honing her darkroom printing skills, she made the switch to digital, which she has been experimenting with ever since.
Today, Nina divides her time working as a Communications Coordinator for Amigos Bravos, a statewide water conservation nonprofit headquartered in Taos, and exploring her surroundings with her Pentax on hand to capture the dramatic landscapes and Southwestern culture that she loves.
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