Linda Ethier

From her intimate pate de verre works to large-scale installations, Linda Ethier’s work is the result of 45 years of experimentation and innovation in glass – she is considered a pioneer in cast glass techniques. Her work can be found in both private collections and in public spaces – she has also been featured in numerous publications, and has taught and lectured all over the world.

Forest Nest

Ethier.3.Forest Nest100
Pate de Verre
10 dia x 5″ hi


If I Let You Out?

Ethier.2.If I Let You Out100
Pate de Verre, Found Object
8.5w x 6.25d x 11″ hi


Seed Remembers

Ethier.1.Seed Remembers100
Pate de Verre, Stone
17w x 8d x 8″ hi

“My latest series is an exploration of memory, of things forgotten and remembered, discarded and re-found.  I use images
of things from the natural world, gathered and cherished since childhood:  The inconsequential detritus that connects us
to the enigma of existence; objects when viewed evoke long forgotten memories.”