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Taos Opera at DAFA!

Taos Opera Institute Performs

Cantos De Taos Quartet Performing on
Saturday June 10 at 5:00 pm in the gallery.

Britt Brown – Mezzo Soprano

Eric Barry – Tenor

Jillian Cox – Soprano

Andrew Craig Brown – Bass Baritone

DAFA through the lens of taoStyle
“Walking into DAFA one could imagine one’s lost one’s way and somehow ended up in a Manhattan Gallery, until one looks up at the vigas and takes note of the posts and corbels holding up the historic structure the gallery is housed in.”
Lynne Robinson, taoStyle

Leon Applebaum, new works


Applebaum to show at DAFA

David Anthony Fine Art welcomes Leon Applebaum


“The process of blowing glass has been my teacher for the past 35 years.  I have developed glass blowing techniques for my work that captivate the fluid energy of hot glass, using fire, air centrifugal force, gravity, and tools to push and pull the glass.

I enjoy exploring the visual dimensions of massive glass and reflective interiors, using transparent colors so that light passes through and brings out the pure beauty and essence of glass.”  – Leon



Peter Opheim

Peter Opheim makes Juxtapoz!

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Blacklantern with Brightness

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